State of “Emergence”


“Emerging” is the title of this sketch that I created recently. It was created using colored pencils and inspired from the newness of life that I’m walking in with God. I had fun with the colors that I used to create the flower- I used shades of purple, brown, pink, blue, green, orange, and yellow.

Recently I had been through a series of events that deeply impacted my usual way of life. I am thankful for everything that happened and through it all, I have become stronger, wiser, and more confident in my everyday way of life.

To me personally, this flower symbolizes strength, tenacity, forgiveness, love, creativity, and growth through emerging to a stronger state of mind and character. We’ve all been through, its not the story thats important, it’s how you react under pressure and forgiving those who may have been responsible- including yourself.

As always…..thanks for stopping by and have a great day 😉


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