In Remembrance of 9/11

In fifth period calculus when the news came to the class
Shock, fear, and worry lured as we watched the t.v. glare
Confusion raced across the room of the seriousness of this matter
And then a second one hit the latter…

All night long, glued to the television, trying to figure out this element….
Why would someone want to harm innocent people?
Innocent people sharing their tears to millions dazed in the t.v.’s glare
While we are uncertain…
One thing was certain….

Families lost loved ones and heros served and fallen
While I watch the t.v. screen, my family I’m calling
Grateful I am that they are safe….but what about the ones whose lives couldn’t be saved?
Their lives gone, but the memory is never forgotten
Of those who have gone on

My empathy reaches out to those families as I cry and pray for them…
In the middle of all this mayhem
They may be gone, but never forgotten
Always remembered they will be
And in their loved ones hearts you see
Them and their memory

As soon as this day is gone, it is never forgotten…
I remember those heros of 9/11

As always….thanks for stopping by and take a moment to remember the heros of 9/11.


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