Artist by Nature


I love creating….I am a creative person by nature, however the demands of everyday life sometimes prevent me from creating art on a daily basis. I am a full time mom and I work full time, so time is limited, but it’s not impossible. But last night, I made time to do a quick sketch with colored pencils in my sketch book.


I did a side view of an african american female. Pictured above is the hair and I love it! I mixed the brown and blue streaks together to create a funky and chic bun. I absolutely love the use of color in this area.


Here’s a a closer view of the side profile. As you can tell, I had a ball with  creating the eyebrows and smokey eye in this sketch. I love to have fun with make up and experiment with different looks. MAC is the best base foundation to begin with….I love creating a good eye!

This is just a sneak peak into one of the things I love to do, it’s just that making time to do it can be difficult. But I am getting better with time management, to take care of babygirl and important matters, as well as make sometime throughout the day to create what I am passionate about.

As always….thanks for stopping by and have a great day 😉


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