Truth, Reality, and Change


I am me, someone that no one else can be. I am unique, I am an individual. I do have feelings and feel for others. There is a sensitive place that dwells on the inside….one that many will not enter.

I am fair, I do give chances, and when you cross me I do forgive, for my peace of mind. But do not get this message twisted, because it doesn’t take twice to fool me. I’ve been fooled by others ten times over. But at this time in my youth, I refuse to tolerate any foolish nonsense. I will look out for you and have your best interest at heart….

But once you cross the point of no return, do not expect to be given your access pass back. Do not mistake my character and beliefs for weakness, for it is in Him that my weakness is made perfect. God is my strength. And God did not create me to be a fool. He knew exactly what He was doing when He made me.

The person you once knew is still here….she just grew up after taking a crash course in the harsh realities of life. Those experiences have shaped the adult I have and still am becoming.

So have I changed??? Yes!!!
Don’t hate the change, because it’s only for the better and through it all, I’ve only become stronger, wiser, more confident, secure, and loving. Change is good, when it helps to catapult and motivate others forward into a world of positive reality.

As always….thanks for stopping by and have a great day 😉


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