Patience builds Character


I’m still kind of young, but I’ve been through and seen enough to gain more wisdom about living. There are circumstances that arise that we do not understand….and we can choose to learn and grow or doubt and fear. We all have a decision to make, young or old. The decision that you make indicates the road that you will follow throughout life until you decide to change course.

We also have to choose carefully our thought patterns and way of life, for this can effect our decisions as well. Have you ever heard the saying “thoughts determine your actions, actions determine your habits, habits determine your character, and character determines your destiny?” Well if you haven’t then you did now.

Basically don’t let the situations that surround you cause you to react in fear and doubt. Rather, give way to take a moment to learn and grow from the situation. With God, it can only get better, because the best is on its way. Don’t let discouragement be your train of thought, but learn to grow from the unfavorable situations that occur in life. More tests will come, keep your cool and be patient because there is a rainbow on the other side.

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