If there’s one thing my daughter learned from Dora, it’s “Swiper, no swiping!” While it may not be okay for swiper to do some swiping, my daughter has made it clear that it’s ok for her to swipe! One random morning we made a mcdonalds breakfast stop. I order iced coffee, two hash browns, and a breakfast burrito.

From my experience and wasting $$$, my daughter will not eat a breakfast burrito! But on this day….she ate 1/2 of my hash brown and breakfast burrito! Lol u might say “buy the girl more food!” But she also had a breakfast sandwich! And when I do order more food for her….she may not eat ugh smh!

…she just felt like “swiping” mommys food….but its ok because I had my coffee all to myself 😉 She knows that she cannot have coffee until she’s 21! Lol!

As always….thanks for visiting my bloggie and have a fantastic day 😉


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