Falling Forward in our Fall Prints!


Check out my lil love bug happy as can be on our way to church! We’ve been through a lot of changes and heart break recently, but if there’s been one constant in our lives, it’s the love of God and loved ones.

Love has gotten us through these rough tides to land on the other side. God has kept us through everything and I am so very thankful to Him. Experiencing the love of God has freed my soul from an everlasting hatred from the events that have occurred in my past. Now, my eyes are looking up to God for my future in Him.

The future is so exciting and there will be work involved, to get to where I’m going…but it will be worth the ride! I could not get to this point by holding onto the emotions of anger, sadness, and hatred. God is helping me to move on to be healed and delivered.

I cannot do anything great without God and even more, I cannot do anything great for the future with my head stuck in the past. To all of you with an issue that is keeping you weighed down, give it to God and let it go. Because you cannot move forward or do anything thats great and positive if you’re holding onto the past.


As for me and babygirl….we’re stepping forward in our fall prints, stripes, and tutus!

Denim jacket- Ross
Skirt- Old Navy
Tee- Ann Taylor
Belt- NY &CO
Shoes- Tommy Hilfiger
Bag- Tignanello from 6pm
Joy-from God

As always….thanks for stopping by my bloggie and have a blessed day 😉


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