Fall looks with Style and Spice


I am in love with the trend that’s happening this fall! The mixtures of prints, patterns, textures, and oversized animal prints is on point for the fall! I love to have fun and mix up a good set of prints- it makes the look intriguing!


             (Forever 21)
If you need help pulling together a look with mixed prints or pulling garments—forever 21 has you covered. Their window visuals are styled right on trend with a variety of looks. Not to mention that their entire store is stocked with the latest trends, accessories, shoes, and more. Need boots or shoes for this fall for a low price? Check out Forever 21.


                (Forever 21)
This sassy window mannequin exudes the attitude and style for a casual and stylish look this fall. I love the use of continued crop tops with the acid denim wash look. The print pants with the deep red “thriller” faux leather jacket adds that extra “spice” to the look.


                  (Forever 21)
This by far is my fave look in the Forever 21 windows lately. The polka dot jumper with the floral print sweater over the light denim button up is stylish and genius. Kudos to the creators, stylists, and visual designers of Forever 21. They’ve got a handle on this seasons trends and they never cease to amaze me. If you need style on a budget, then Forever 21 is your spot.

As always thanks for stopping by my “bloggie” and have a great day 😉


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