Love those Macy’s shoe sales!

Macy’s is having a ton of sales right and if you have any style sense….then you’ll stop in to see what you can stock up on! Here is a preview of some great shoes and sandals to stock up on!



Love love love these Rachel Roy heels! They are so innovative and funky! They will make the statement for your entire outfit with these sassy geometric shapes on the heels and platform.


These Calvin Klein box heels are amazing as well with the prints!


I am loving the hot pink and mixed bold colors in this cheetah print shoe! A classic print gone funky!


These off white wedges with wooden heel from INC are fab. I’d love to have these on my feet next summer!

If you want to get a head start on your shoe collection for next spring or just need a pair of shoes for right now, Macy’s has something in store for you 😉


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