Kors × Macy’s = Love

This afternoon, I made a random stop into Macy’s with their “One Day Sale” happening again today. While perusing through the racks….I came across a stylish and intricately patterned skirt by Michael Kors….and when I say it was amazing….I mean it! The pattern fits right into this fall seasons trends.


By the way….I was loving the skirt!


And boy did this skirt look fantastic on me!


The price is even more shocking! It was originally $79 and down to $19. Although I love this skirt by Michael Kors, I had to leave it behind. It was a little too big for me and name brand or not- my clothes need to fit me properly. Since this was the only skirt left, someone probably snatched the size I needed—hey its and amazing skirt by an amazing brand!

I ended up not making a purchase at all…but if you’re free….check out what Macy’s has left- the good buys do not stick around long. If I had an excellent tailor on hand, I would’ve snatched that skirt without a second thought! It was excellent quality, made well, and stylish!

As always….thanks for stopping by 😉


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