Feeling Flrtatious?


                         (Disco Queen)

Urban Flrt, a line of comfortable and pop culture designed t-shirts, by designer Corey Wesley in NY. A few months ago, he showed his new line of “Urban Flrt” t-shirts in Philly at the fashionable Showroom 77. The event was hosted by famous philly fashion and celebrity blogger Tweety Elitou of “Young, Hip, Chic” and Syreeta Martin of the popular blog “Sincerely Syreeta.”


                         (The Voice)

These tees are sexy, sleek, and trendy….and oh yeah did I mention comfortable??? The material of these shirts is so soft and full of quality. The t-shirts as well as the ink sublimation process is of the highest quality. All of the designs pop and are full of popular culture, bold colors, and details.



                         (Pin Up)


So whether you’re feeling like a fashionista or disco queen, there is something for you in the line of well designed and produced t-shirts by Urban Flrt. Be sure to check out Urban Flrt.


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