To Walk A Mile in another’s shoes….

To that, I would have to say “no thank you.” I may not be perfect and life may not have always been kind to me, but my experiences in life have helped shape me into who I am and who I am becoming. I don’t regret the past and I am highly anticipating my future. Because in God, there is always something greater!


I am who I am and no thought or senseless individual can change that. Everyday, I strive to become a virtuous woman. I love what I do….and I thank God for my happiness. I love writing, fashion, style, art, graphic design, and poetry. I don’t do any of these on my job, but I do them at events, at home, and here. I am thankful for everyone of you who stops by to read my blog….because you the reader inspire me also.


I truly thank God for blessing me to have this lil girl in my life….she’s a huge inspiration to me. It was when I looked into her eyes that I knew I should press on to be better and do great things. With her in mind….I don’t give up. I want to be an example of not only a good parent, but also a parent who achieved dreams. So that one day I can inspire her to greatness as well.


So….to walk a mile i  someone elses shoes….I say “no thank you”, because I am grateful to God for who I’ve become and I am excited about my future!

As always….thanks for stopping by and have a great day 😉

“When you do what you love, there is no end.”


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