Pop Culture and Fashion on Feet



Good evening dolls!  Hope your enjoying your night, because these shoes sure do look like they’re having fun!  I just came across these shoes on my Instagram timeline (username is janetsjournee), and I absolutely love them!  They are fun, spicy, and definitely a conversation piece.  These shoes were designed by fashion blogger Chiara Feragni of the blog “The Blonde Salad.” 

Chiara Feragni is from Italy and has been to Mercedes Benz Fashion week where she reviews the fashions for the upcoming seasons.  If you haven’t checked her out already, I suggest you do, if not for any other reason, then definitely for her shoe collection.  She designs shoes and she posted a shot of some flats similar to these that are being photographed for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine today. 

She has another pair of the shoes with the peace sign done with fingers- I need those shoes, including the ones pictured above.  I love the way that pop culture and fashion are symbolized on a pair of shoes.  These shoes speak for themselves in many ways and I love them!


As always…thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!



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