Everyday is a Journee


The places I’ve traveled and the things I’ve seen….you wouldn’t believe all this 20 something woman, college graduate, mother, professional, daughter, sister, and more has seen. There isn’t enough space this blog can contain. But I can tell you that life so far for me has been a journee.

Some people judge me without even knowing. Some do not appreciate me for the hardwork and input that I give….but I won’t allow that hold me back. Some don’t like me for my race, others for my honesty, and others don’t like who I am becoming. I do not dislike nor judge these people for their faults, because they do not understand me, where I’ve come from, or where I’m going.

I’ve been loved by family and cared for deeply. And the one person in this world I thought I would grow old with, put both me and my child in harms way. I only have God to thank that I had enough sense to run….and I almost turned back, but my family had my back and helped to strengthen me and the person I am.

So to those who overlook and who are rude to me….just know that I AM NOT IN THE


For your nonsense….so keep it moving thank you! My future is too bright and secured in God for me to entertain your crap with a negative attitude…so outta character. So instead, I will continue to be me, work hard like I do everyday, and be beautiful and strong doing it.

To all you diligent people reading this post, keep striving and reach your goals—don’t give up because of a few sour idiots! I dont care who they are!

As always….thanks for stopping by loves šŸ˜‰


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