Clogged UP Leopard Prints

Soooo…recently I’ve been expressing my creative and artsy side….its a side where I plan, work hard, and love what I do! When I start creating and getting the creative juices to flow, I create something unique that I am pleased with. Everything that I create isn’t “the best”, but I love doing it and creativity is a process.


In the pic posted above is an old clog thar wore when I was pregnant with my daughter- they were sooooo comfy when my feet spread!!!! In this picture, you can see that I added some studs to the leather strap across the front of the clog. I used studs from Michael’s and tacky glue.


I used some cheetah/ leopard print wide ribbon, also from Michael’s to cover the base/ heel of the clog. I used tacky glue to lay it down and then  sealed it with a varnish and let it dry.


Voila! There you have it! I really need to take before/ after pics. But I found something in the house to reinvent and have fun with!

Whatever your goals/ desires are, work at them everyday to achieve them and become better today at them then you were yesterday!

As always….thanks for stopping by;-)


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