Take a walk into my creative style…

Besides writing and fashion, I’m also an artist by nature and training. I work at an early childhood center in administration and I really love working with children. It’s nice to have a break from the classroom….  because I have my little one to tend to 🙂 Working in the office has its ups and downs and so forth. It’s different from teaching but I’m learning more of what goes into running a school!

One of the perks that I enjoyed this past summer is having themes and we had a carnival based theme one week and I had a ball helping to put the special together for the children!


Here’s the photo booth that I built 😉 I used reused cardboard boxes, used bulletin board paper, paint, and crepe paper to build this booth in between paper work and running with the kiddos in school!


Here’s a side view of the booth.


….and inside view.


Here’s a tiger that I drew and painted….lol I tried! I am a little rusty tho….need to spend more time honing my craft. I also drew and painted a clown and dog and we played games such as “pin the nose on the clown” and “toss the ball through the dog/ tigers mouth.”

The kids had fun and we enjoyed watching the students have a ball at summer camp!


…my daughter having fun wearing her “clown hat” that she made in her class!

Although I’m not an artist/designer during the 9-5, I found a way to be creative and connect it to my job. If you’re creativity isn’t met with optimism on the job…then do it independently and believe in what you’re creating and watch it grow!

As always….thanks for stopping by 😉


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