Lights! Action! Runway! Reality!

It’s that time of year again where Fashion week is in full effect in NY, Philly, Atlantic City, and all over!!! I must admit, I love being at the shows—especially front row! The gift bags are nice and all…but the best part is the show!



I truly enjoy watching the latest fashions for the upcoming season strut down the runway on the models. It truly is amazing for me….something that I am truly passionate about being apart of! I love coming home with photos and writing up reviews, it’s like second nature to me! It is also something that I never thought I’d be doing over a year ago when I first started reviewing the new hit show “Fashion Star.”


(Philly Fashion Week Fall ’13- Bishme R. Cromartie)

This has truly been an amazing road for me and it’s not over yet! I am however taking a mini break from it all to get somethings straight in my life.

This past spring, I went through something emotionally and mentally traumatic in my life and I am well now, but through the events that occurred, I worked full time and have been the sole care taker of my toddler. It’s been tough, but with the help and love of family and friends….we’ve gotten through this difficult time.


(Trisha Will Collection showcase at Showroom 77

I felt like everything hit me at once like a bus, but now everything is falling into place- thank You Jesus! I couldn’t have come this far without Him! At this moment….I’m taking the time to put the finishing touches on everything as it builds back together. So next season of fashion week— I’ll be ready for you with the help of God! And I’m looking forward to it!

You’ll still see me here posting and keeping up with the latest news from Fashion Week! So stay tuned loves and thanks for stopping by 😉


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