Style, Strength, and Smiles


Happy Labor Day Loves!!! Enjoy your Monday off community/service workers- we deserve it 😉

Speaking of days….everyday that we are here and alive, it is a blessing from God and another chance to do the right thing. No matter how tough times become, it’s a blessing to be able to go to God with our worries and weariness.


Remembering when this picture was taken- behind that smile was hurt, confusion, brokeness, uneasiness, and sorrow…..but all anyone saw was my smile, facial expressions, and strength. Very few had the opportunity to look deep into my eyes and ask if I was okay. And even when those few asked….I dismissed it with “yes.”


Some may want to say, “oh you’re a liar, you should have been honest!” But the truth is I was so overwhelmed and drowned with pain and disbelief that I had had enough with my story and wanted it to go away. But little did I know that it wasn’t going anywhere….

My story is the testimony that God gave me to help someone else. Everyday, although what happened hurt me to the core of who I was and tore me up, it didn’t break me down. Instead God used my situation, as painful as it was….to build me up into who I am becoming. I accept who God is molding me to be—a virtuous woman!

No matter how tough your past/ present situation is…..God is setting you up for something greater….so don’t lose hope!

Outfit: skirt- Target, shirt- Old Navy, sandals- Lucky Brand, necklace- thrifted, glasses- Ross


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