Paint isn’t just for easel boards….


I’m in the lab with a little DIY. I’ve had these Adidas sneakers for a little while and instead of trashing them, I had a little creative plan for them in mind. I wish I would’ve done a before and after picture, but they were white Adidas classics with the hot pink details. I decided to get artsy with these sneakers and experiment with a nature scene.


To start off, I painted the entire shoe a deep cobalt blue. For the finer details, I used a fresh lime green paint to coat over the originally white spaces.


I used the lime green paint on the entire shoe as well as the cobalt blue and added a grassy area and stems on the back of the sneaker for fun 😉


Here you can get a closer view of the extended portion of my “nature scene.” This is what I’ve gotten done so far, I still want to do some touch up paint and layer the art work on the shoe with a good protective coat. When I’m done, I’ll be sure to post the completed product.

Art is personal and there is no right or wrong way to creatively express yourself. Art school doesn’t teach you to be creative, it teaches you techniques and history. The creative process begins within you. Fade the comments of the haters and nay sayers out of your head and pursue the dreams and goals that you are truly passionate about. There will be obstacles and road blocks along the way, but God will give you the ammunition to overcome them all. Accept the strength of God which lies within you and choose to press forward everyday.

As always ..thanks for stopping by and don’t let others change the good in you into something you were not made to be.


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