Wild ‘n Rambunctious- and OWNING IT!

Its the weekend and its time to have fun! Im on mom duty all weekend and all week 😉 I love being a mom to an energetic, smart, beautiful, and happy toddler! While being a mom, I also like to have fun…and I love to mix and match bold prints and hues. Hey, I’m still in my 20’s and an artist- so why not have a lil fun while I can???


This is me today…..posing in the fitting room with my “fit” on. Striped tank shirt from Old Navy, floral print shorts from the thrift store (originally your grandmothers capris lol), black belt from NY&CO, bangles from Ann Taylor, robot necklace from Macys, and classic navy blue and white loafers by Tommy Hilfiger from Macys also.

There are a lot of colors and fun happening today, but hey that embodies my personality and I’m no longer afraid to let it shine! I’ve got joy that no man gave and no man can take away 😉 My hair….whew….i washed it n left conditioner in it and ran out of the house!!!!

I had a busy day b/t taking my lil girl to get her portraits done to running errands. But I like to do it in style….my personal style that is. As you can see…I’m bold and courageous! Hope all my prints put a smile on your face! Nitey nite loves 😉


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