Vintage Pastel Prints Peeping into the Future


Everyday we go through the hustle and bustle of work while trying to keep up with daily life. It can be a struggle to stay on top of everything, especially with added responsibility. But with every level of responsibility, there is a blessing. Although the weight and responsibility of life can be frustrating at times, don’t let that frustration consume the goodness of whats yet to come.


Instead of wearing frustration or hurt and anger from the past toward those who have hurt me, I choose to wear joy and strength. I am a strong woman of God who loves to wear her prints and pin stripes mixed! I’m wearing a pastel yellow pin striped dress from H&M thats five years old. My black and white print cardigan is from H&M as well but more recent lol. Black belt is from NY&CO and my pocket book is a leopard print bag by Tignanello that 6pm sent me 😉


I’m loving my red bob that I was rockin’in this pic. There was no need for accessories on this day, I was letting the prints speak for themselves and stand out— and they sure did! Its always nice to mix the old with the new. Don’t discount your past, it’s apart of who you are and who you are becoming. Never be ashamed of where you came from, just move forward and make the best of your best. God has a plan and all that you have and are is all apart of God’s master plan. And there is more in store.


Here’s a view of the back of the dress….don’t I look happy after a hard day on the job 🙂 lol

As always….thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day loves!


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