“Breast” photo exhibition ever!


I’m in center city at the gallery market east and I see this. A breast cancer awareness photo exhibit and kick off celebration!


The title of the exhibit is “67 women, 67 counties.” It showcases the photographs and stories of 67 women in Pennsylvania and their breast cancer stories. It truly is a remarkable display for breast cancer awareness month..
.which is october!


They have the facility lined up with the photographs and stories of these women of various ages, backgrounds, and areas in PA. The exhibit will be on display until October 9th.


For more information on this exhibit and how you can help, please contact the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

This exhibit is especially important to me, not only because I am a woman, but because my mom is a breast cancer survivor. I thank God for her strength, she pressed on and she continues to enjoy her life. She is well, healthy, and happy now and I thank God for keeping her!

I truly thank God for keeping her and I know that He can do anything! Be sure to show your support and love during Breast Cancer Awareness month and everyday. You never know when it’s you that could use the helping hand.

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Changes in the forecast


Some people last in our lives…..and others disappear when their season is coming to a close. We cannot predict the future, nor can we make certain relationships last. When the expiration date appears, it is time to move on.

When it comes to relationships….we wonder if there was something different we could’ve done to avoid the split. Whether it be a friendship, intimate, or casual relationship, we always want to make it to work. Sometimes, we replay the events in a relationship that has ended to see if we could have done something different or if it was solely our fault.

The entire process can be complicated, however it is healthy to move forward in life. There is nothing healthy about moping around in the past. The future is always ahead of us and the present is here. So there is no day like today to make a step forward in a positive direction.

If a step in a positive direction constitutes mending the broken relationship, then do so with care. If mending the broken relationship is not an option, then forgive and move forward. No matter how badly you were hurt by the other party, you cannot truly move forward until you let go of the past. Letting go can be a difficult concept to grasp, however it is necessary.

Never force yourself to feel something that isn’t genuine. Time can help heal your wounds and you will not fully move on until you are both emotionally and mentally ready to move on and healed. So take your time and make a move in a positive direction every day. There is no need to be the antagonist of your own life….you have a full life to live and more to give.

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Peace: A delicacy that we long for


I am sitting in a quiet room and this caught my eye…a group of tomatoes sitting on the window sill. It may seem strange, but let me explain….my interpretation of this picture is peace. Now you really might think I’ve lost it! Lol. But hear me out first….

In the midst of our daily lives and the chaos that consumes it….we all just need a moment breathe. A moment to be still, to reflect upon and appreciate all that we have— even the crazy moments!

Looking at this group of tomatoes, they are still, sun bathing, and exude a level of peace to me. When you think of peaceful moments, you think of mornings on the beach, a day of pampering, a massage, a nap, and even just a time to rest and be by yourself. And “me” time is sooooo precious to those of us who are parents—I know it! Lol.

Every time that I have a chance to connect with nature and listen to the birds sing….it is so peaceful. I have a moment to reflect on what I do have, versus what I have not yet obtained. Hear me out with my peaceful portrait of tomatoes….and hear peace out by just taking a moment to silence everything else around you and to reflect upon your blessings.

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Couture from the Runway floor!


(Philly Fashion Week fall ’13, Bishme R. Cromartie designs)

Featured above is one of the beautiful avant garde designs from fashion designer, Bishme R. Cromartie. Bishme’s intriguing designs have been featured in Vogue magazine and in other top fashion publications. He has had the opportunity to show his work in shows in L.A. and in the illustrious New York Fashion week.

Bishme is a young man, age 22, from Maryland. He learned to sew as a young boy from his aunt. Today, at this young and tender age, Bishme is making some major accomplishments.

Age and resources should never be an issue when it comes to accomplishing goals. You can be young or old, the fact that you are still alive is a testament to the fact that you can still do amazing things in this world! I just found out about Bishme R. Cromartie a year ago, and he has truly grown and perfected his work.

His couture pieces are full of geometric shapes and designs that a woman can feel ‘haute’ in.

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Dark Pasts and Future Lights


I’ve been there already….


So why look back? The past is just that….the past, and it’s behind me now.

There are times when we reflect back on life and wonder why we did or didn’t do certain things or why events happened as they did. When it comes down to it, the events of our past are history and there is nothing we can do to change them. A love lost, a job gone, a place to move on….the events of our history are unchangeable.

If some of us could hit the rewind button, we would. I know that for a fact that I would for certain historical events in my life. But the irrefutable truth is that I cannot go back into my past, no matter how hard I try to. So why not live in the present and build for the future, instead of spending valuable time regretting the past?

Since we cannot relive the past and change the facts of our past, then why look forward to go backwards??? The reasonable choice is to move forward with a plan in mind for the future. A plan to build and execute those goals. There really is no time like the present to plan and move forward.

As I move forward….I choose to make wiser decisions and choices that will effect my future, as well as my child’s. In my life, things happened the way they did and I am to the point where I thank God for every bit of it. Because of my past, I am the woman I am today and much stronger than ever, thanks to God and the love of family and honest friends.

I could’ve keeled over….but God lifted me up and strengthened to what I am now becoming. So….don’t regret the past. Be thankful for the unique experiences that you have encountered that make you, you. Don’t let hurtful past events take you out, rather hold tight and be strengthened to move forward. Let it be your ammunition to keep pushing and be diligent towards reaching your goals.

(Photos: NY Couture Fashion Week, fall ’13, “Birds” by Catalin Botazeau, credits: Janet Kay)

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