SHE has a story to tell

….And that she is me. We all have a story to tell. Behind our history there is a story….a testimony….a testament to what has brought us to the place where we are now. We never know when our history can help change the events in someone elses present story.


Behind the make up….behind the jewelry….behind the clothing there is no disguise. There is a place deep beyond the physical attributes of me. There is a story to tell so rich and deep and it lies beyond the river of these deep dark brown eyes.

Theres been joy, happiness, goals achieved, pain, strength, sorrow, weariness, worry, frustration, and hurt deep beyond the expression of words alone. There is tiresome and weakness….but my strength abides in the Lord who everyday wakes me and gives me the strength to continue on this journee. With that strength, I have a choice….a choice to “grow on” or to remain stagnant. With Gods help, I choose to grown on to become a better person. I choose to be better not only for myself….but for my young daughter….my family….my community….and to be an asset to society as a whole and for Gods big plan.

We all have stories….no matter how dramatic or small it may seem to others….it does impact you and the person you will become. When you choose…..choose to be the person who impacts society in a greater way than history may have treated you.

Love you loves and I love creativity so put your energy to good use and power of creativity.


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