Hello Kitty is having a good time!


Goodmorning!!! I hope I put a smile on your face with my look of the day! When it comes to style, I say have fun! And what better way then to break out “Hello Kitty.” I love this fitted Hello Kitty tee from Old Navy….and it was a bargain at just $4.97 on the clearance rack!!!!

My pencil/ frilly skirt is from the Salvation Army and it was just $3….and I love the versatility and flexibility with this skirt! The belt is from NY&CO and was just under $5 as well. My golden thongs are from Burlington Coat Factory for $10.

All in all….this outfit was a great deal! And I love it because it is fun and sexy, who said we cant have both??? Check out my mini chica in the mirror with me having fun as well 😉

Thanks for stopping by my bloggie and in all that you’re doing …have some fun too!

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