Lace n Long Legged Shorts

Good morning!!!!!!!!

So its hot outside….really hot….and humid. There have been a couple of thunderstorms lately but….the air is still tight. I walk outside the house in the morning and it feels like afternoon heat at 7am! I don’t work at a local summer camp where I can wear short shorts and the summer camp tee with flip flops!

I work in an office setting within and early childhood school….so I have to keep it professional and classy! Some days are more bearable in this heat than others!


Here we goooo!!! I purchased a pair of long legged black denim, light weight shorts from the thrift store for $2, and paired it with my tan lace top from Ross, put a light weight tank top underneath to cover my bra, and my teal bracelet from Burlington coat factory.


….and of course you know me for my fave new work shoes! These babies go along way with the die cut/ eyelet designs in them! My feet get a breeze all day in this closed to environment!!!! Lol!!!!

So here’s how I’m staying cool while working all day in this crazy heat! Thanks for stopping by and drop a line below 😉

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