How I made my way to THRIFTING!

What is this new trend called “thrifting” that’s so popular??? First of all, its not new, people have been buying used clothes for decades….mainly because they couldn’t afford to purchase clothes brand new. When I was growing up, we didn’t go to the thrift shop at all. My parents made enough to purchase our clothes brand new. The one time my mom did try out the thrift shop with a friend and purchase me clothes….I never wore them lol.

During my senior year of college….something happened…..I gained weight! Eek! I didn’t have enough money to purchase brand new clothes!!!!! So I began thrifting at the local Salvation Army and another church thrift shop in West Chester. I was working 25 hours a week, helping to pay for my education, books, supplies, groceries, and traveling expenses. I didn’t have much money then.

I found something beautiful at those thrift stores! Cute tops, jeans, and more!!! It got to a point that I loved going to the thrift store and I was always complimented on my looks! During my college graduation weekend….I put together some of the cutest outfits from the thrift shop!


In the picture above I’m wearing a thrifted vest and blouse, and I believe I thrifted the skirt too. All in all….although I looked down on the thrift shop as a teen….I love going there now although I can afford to and do purchase some of my clothes new. I’ve never purchased my daughters clothing from a thrift shop because I find them super cheap and cute in the stores! I just look extra hard lol.

I love to thrift now because I like to look different and I don’t want someone to have on my exact same outfit!

As always….thanks for stopping by and reading about my thrifting story!

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