A White Affair

Greetings 😉
I tried something very bold recently and I was inspired by another co-worker to do so. I wore white pants to work! Understand this, I’ve had these pants for almost year and have been afraid to wear them due to stains and other casualties that could happen while I’m wearing them.


Am I ready for a beach party or what??? My co-worker wore her white denim to work without a spot or stain that was noticeable after a full day of working with children. Now I work in the office, however I can be clumsy and I am around the kiddies quite often throughout the day!


I got these white linen capris from Old Navy a year ago. The blue top and green bag are also from Old Navy! (Sheesh I must love that store too! Lol)


I’ve got on my tan eyelet shoes again for a day in the office!


My earrings…..I forget where they are from.


Sooooo….to my surprise and happiness, my pants held up throughout the entire day! Guess I’m not afraid to wear white anymore! Lol! Its always nice to try something new!

As always….thanks for stopping by and drop a line below 😉

Remember: God always gives us what we need for what is yet to come!

Thanks for visiting,



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