New Do Same You!

So….with everything going on with work, baby girl, and my personal life…..its hard to keep up with me sometimes! At one point I got so tired of my hair that I was just going to chop it off! Lol I didn’t do that….but I did get something done!


I got new hair and a new hair style lol. I still have my hair….and its a little longer than this look. I love this new look! Its easy maintenance and the color and cut are great on me. My hair is natural so in summer its hard for me to keep my hair curled and I love the natural looks….but with straightening my hair so often, it can become limp.

I tried something new and I love it! I may have this look done on my actual hair in the fall….but for now I’m in love with this look and I’m so happy with it! I received so many compliments at home and work on my hair, thanks to the lady that helped hook me up 😉

Sometimes, we can get so lost in our responsibilities in life that we forget about ourselves, I encourage you all to take sometime out for yourselves just to discover, evaluate, and pamper yourself. I completely understand that we have a lot to do and the tasks are many! But if we take time out for ourselves, how much more effective and presentable will we be??? I believe it will give us the motivation to get more accomplished.

As always…..thanks for stopping by and drop a line below 😉

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