Cropped Tops (for the ab-less)

Over the weekend I wanted to try something new. I’m a mother of one who gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy sheesh! But I did. I was huge for awhile after but I’ve lost most of the weight although I still have a ways to go! My stomach is not big like it was before, however its also not at toned as I’d like it to be. I also have stretcmarks!!!! Eek!

So what in the world am I thinking about a crop top for???? Am I going to wear it with a tank top???? Lol. I may not have an amazing set of abs like my cousin Kelly….but I still like to try new things out…so how did I pull this look off?


I don’t look that bad do I???? Lol

Basically my whole outfit for the day was thrifted. I bought a pair of denim jeans that I cut off into a pair of custom length shorts, I don’t need everything hanging out! My top is actually apart of a set from the thrift shop. It came with a beautiful skirt that I’ll wear later. I loved the top and I love the color blue!

I love the idea of wearing a cropped top, but I don’t have the ideal body for it!!!!! So I made sure that I wore a pair of high waisted shorts to complete my look and keep me looking cool!

Many of us may not have that ideal body type for a lot of the styles out today. So….should we hide in our clothes or just look ridiculous??? Neither! Most styles can be modified to fit our body types…..we just have to be patient and be creative to find what works for us!!!  And it can….just be creative!!!! I wore a cropped top all day while barely showing my stretched tummy lol!

As always….thanks for stopping by and drop a line below 😉

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