Men’s shirts and tight skirts….


Curves! Curves! And more curves!!!! And a men’s shirt….today’s look is all about balance in my land of curves. I was born with hips and they aren’t going anywhere! So should I hide them? Flaunt them? Or accentuate them? I choose the latter option cuz I’m not going to hide what God blessed me with, nor am I going to flaunt my hips like I’m easy, because I am not.


I just saw this ad from American Apparel a few days before I wore this fit. My outfit wasn’t inspired by this, because I had already laid the fit out….but its in trend and season.


So…my striped pencil skirt is from Old Navy….I must really love that store lol. And my men’s shirt is from a local thrift shop on the main line for $2.


My thin snakeskin print belt from Target to hold my shirt in place.


My beautiful Fossil choker that my mom gifted me from Macy’s- side bar, I love that store too!


My golden “thongs” lol from Burlington Coat Factory- I love the style of these shoes!


Although I’m curvy and blessed….I don’t share with everybody all that I have! I am a lady and I will remain that way. My mother and father taught me well and I intend to be respected and won’t settle for anything less. But I still love to accentuate what I’m blessed with and encourage other curvy ladies to so the same!

Side bar: I had coffee spills and juice stains on my shirt by the time I made it to work! The casualties of motherhood I guess lol. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!!!!

As always….thanks for stopping by and drop a line below 😉

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