The Color Wheel


For today’s look….I’ve got every color known to mankind on lol just playing….just most of them lol. Today, I color blocked coordinated my look for a day at work. I’m wearing a bright greenish/ yellow Old Navy signature tee with a pair of bold red Old Navy denim. The bracelets on my wrist and the ring on my finger are from Burlington Coat Factory.


I wish I were in San Francisco right now! I could use some beach therapy lol.


These earrings are my fave pair now! I absolutely love them!!! They are by Betsy Johnson from Macy’s. Maybe these earrings inspired my look today. I love Betsy Johnson! She’s soooo creative and I was going to apply for an internship with her….but I received a job offer. I went with the money as a new college grad 🙂


My colors were bright and many lol but I had fun with my look! Again….here are my K Swiss kicks from Ross with my brightly colored socks.

I’m the type that likes to have fun and laugh! Why be grumpy when you can be happy? As you can see my ankle is still bummed from the fall….but I continue my daily duties of the day. I’m the sole provider for my child….she has many needs….and I’m going to provide them with the help of God and my family.


As always….thanks for stopping by and remember to enjoy everyday that God has given you because you never know when it will be your last

Thanks for visiting,



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