Down on Busted Knee


Hi πŸ˜‰
So…..why did I title my post “Down on Busted Knee???” Lol…well there’s an entire story behind this day, but we’ll just start with my laid back look for the day and my $3 outfit *smiles*.
I’m wearing a vintage tee from Old Navy that was 97 cents! My shorts are so comfy from the the thrift store, they were $2.


My necklace is so much fun and it was a dollar from a local thrift shop.


My sneaks are a pair of iridescent K Swiss from Ross.

When I wore this outfit, I was having a great morning! I was walking to work and feeling awake and amazing after having a medium coffee from dunk in donuts and plenty of rest. On my way in to work, I saw my co workers husband, a family from my school, and another co- worker on the street.

After I left all of them, I fell….hard….lol….my daughters stroller was still and she was fine….I just busted my chops!


Part of the damage lol. I twisted my ankle pretty bad! My ankle is getting better but still hurts. After this fall, I got up quickly and limped to work lol! But the point isn’t that I fell its that I got back up and continued on my journey to work. Everything may be going well in life and then you’re hit with a curve ball, don’t allow the curve ball to throw you off track, get back up and keep pressing forward. Before the diamonds….there’s coal….don’t lose focus or hope, but remain diligent!

As always..Β  thanks for stopping by and drop a line below πŸ˜‰

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