Curvy Purple Bottoms


I’m a curvy girl who loves to look good and be creative with my looks! I may follow a trend….and then again, I may not. When I walk down the street, I like to be one of a kind, which is why I don’t need to look like everybody else or copy everyone’s look. I let other looks inspire me, but I won’t copy a look exactly, because I love being me!

Go made me unique and I am an artist. I may not have the opportunity to paint, draw, or sketch everyday, but I do dress my canvas (body), according to how I feel. Fashion and style are fun to me and I love to mix and match pieces up!

Curves….I was born with them, so when I get dressed, I keep them in mind. I don’t want to disguise them, I want to accentuate them. In today’s look, I’m wearing purple denim from Old Navy, a tan jacket and striped shirt also from Old Navy. My sailor bag that I thrifted and a pair of floral print shoes from NY & CO.

Whatever your shape or size, take pride in the beauty of your shape and accentuate the figure that God gave you! You don’t have to show every nook and cranny, just commit to wearing clothing that fits you well and makes you feel beautiful! I’m going keep my attire “curvalicious” πŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that I inspired you to remain beautiful as you are and drop a line below πŸ˜‰

Thanks for visiting,



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