Above is a link to the first episode and theme song to the new Bravo hit “Married to Medicine.” If you missed this season, then be sure to catch the reruns or watch it on YouTube. This show is both entertaining and very interesting. The “Married to Medicine” cast is comprised of Dr. Jackie, Dr. Simone, Mariah, Kari, and Quad. Both Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone are OB Gyn’s, with their own practices. I have a few thoughts about this show.

First of all, I was excited to see African American female doctors as leads in the cast! Not only do I love the cool theme song but its also inspiring to see African American woman doctors handling their business! I thought about going back to school to become a pediatrician but then that would entail four more years of school, a two year residency, while being a mom that needs to provide for her baby! Ummmmm….maybe I’ll rethink my plans lol.

But these women are nothing short of fabulous. They are always stunning and dressed to impress. Hey, after all they at doctors and doctors wives! Their houses are fabulous and their children are gorgeous with supportive husbands. I truly did enjoy watching this show, I just wasn’t fond of all the unnecessary “cattiness” and drama. But it is reality TV so i guess that they needed a story line.

It was refreshing to see successful African Americans and people of other nationalities on TV. And honey…these ladies are fabulous and handle their business!

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