Golden Thongs ‘n lace!


Good morning…..I had a full day yesterday! No sleep and errands to run run run! And good friends to see. I could really use a vacation at the beach soon! I work Monday thru Friday and the work doesn’t stop when I get of Friday evening…..but that’s the life of a full time mom, employee, and budding entrepreneur. I am so grateful to my family for their support!


So today’s look! I wore a pair of gold things/ flip flops get your mind out of the gutter! Lol. I paired this look with a tan lace top from Banana Republic that I got from the thrift shop years ago. My brown weaved belt is also a goodie from the thrift shop. My tiered and flower skirt is something that I found at Old Navy years ago. That completes my look with very messy hair!


I love the skirt….but it doesn’t fit me anymore yeah!!! Its actually too big….its an xl or xxl….I purchased it soon after I gave birth. My skirt was falling down the entire day. Its an accomplishment but it was a bit uncomfortable, as you can imagine.


It was a good day, I got most of my errands taken care of and my side kick was with me all day 🙂

As always….thanks for stopping by my “bloggie” and Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers and father figures!!!!

Thanks for visiting,



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