Pressure at its finest!


Today was one of my most stressful days at work since I began working here a few months ago. There was a lot on my plate and I had to be flexible to get things done so that things went smoothly. Needless to say, after awhile I had an attitude because I just felt as though some things could’ve went differently. However, I am the newbie so I just went with the program. I know someone has been here before and I just needed to be humble about the events on today.


We had a special event today, so I dressed up a bit. I am wearing a pink flare dress that I’ve had for years, a denim thrifted Ann Taylor blazer, and jewels from Ashley Stewart.



My Nine West shoes are from Ross, they’re an emergency pair lol.


My little bracelet is from Express. As you can see my eye shadow is fading from my eyelids lol!

But no matter what comes your way, hard times do come, but always stay focused on the big picture! The bigger picture for me is my future and my daughters also. So…..I just take today as a learning experience…..and as a way of learning to work with many unique personalities. C’mon….life isn’t peaches and cream always! Theres always a storm or two.

As always….thanks for stopping by and stay focused on your path to a positive future and good life 🙂


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