Happy Fathers Day! Is it that time of the year again???


(Pictured above is my niece, my father, and my daughter :-))

Yes, its that time of the year again! And if you’re like me, you feel like Fathers day snuck up on you lol. But it is a joyous time of the year where we get a day just to honor our fathers. However, we should use everyday to honor our parents and loved ones.

My father is a hard working and loving man and father and I am completely grateful for him. But, what do we get for our fathers on fathers day? ….the same boring ‘ol tube of tube socks???

There are so many great things to get dad, because there are sales everywhere. Check out Macys where the finest in mens clothing is on sale or you can get dad a wallet or a belt or a fancy tie for an affordable price.

Or check out Best Buy where all the gadgets are on sale. Is dad into computers, ipods, or tablets? Then places like Best Buy would be your spot. But you can also try some online stops for better prices such as eBay.com, overstock.com, or 1saleaday.com. For 1 sale a day you should sign up for their email alerts- they have a ton of great deals!

Or does dad need a massage, facial, or want to try something new? Then try sites like livingsocial.com or Groupon.com for the best deals at great places in your area. Whatever you think dad could use this Fathers day, the resources are out there so don’t slack.

Besides….all that our dads do for us, they deserve to be celebrated this day and everyday


(Pictured above is my brother and his baby girl :-))

Most of all its not about things (but if we can afford them then why not share?), its about love and showing your appreciation from the heart. So if you’re dad is a great dad like mines….then he’ll adore whatever you buy him because its the thought that counts (yeah right!) Lol j/k…just don’t go to dollar tree…..a love you and a cup of coffee will do too. And an early “Happy Fathers Day!” To all the dads! And an extra special super duper fathers day to my dad:-) He’s the bestest dad ever and I know it!

….as always….thanks for stopping by my bloggie and drop a line below 😉


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