A Look into my past speaks about my Future


The photo above gives you a clue about my past and where I’m going. ….I’ll start from the beginning.

When I attended college, I started off as a psychology major, then switched to secondary education, and finally to elementary education. But I changed my major again, to graphic design in a studio arts program. I didn’t attend the design school of my choice and my university didn’t have the program that I truly wanted to be enrolled in.

However, I chose my program and excelled. After graduation because of all of my education credits, I taught for a few years and I am now an assistant director at an early education school. I still love kids and teaching, however I have an intense passion for the arts. The local creative economy around me has inspired me more than they know.

It was about a year ago that I finally got back onto the computer after years of my dreams being crushed. I created this “self portrait” that you see above. I looked at a picture of myself and I went for it. It felt so good to do this. Although I have a full time job and a beautiful baby girl to take care of, I am still pursuing my dreams head on and I won’t take no for an answer. I won’t take a fall as the final remedy. I’m more mature and determined now, and I thank God for my experiences for they have shaped me.

I don’t regret my past or the decisions I’ve made. I just won’t make the same mistakes twice, nor will I give into anything that’s not worth my future. God knew what He was doing with me all along and He knows where I’m going.

I really enjoy a quote I saw recently


Says it all in a nutshell. Your dreams, they might’ve been on hold for various reasons, but today I tell you that its not too late to look up and take hold of them from where you are!

Today, be determined to live out your dreams!


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