Inspiration, Love, and Dreams


This is why I do what I do every. I thank God for this little girl and I love her to pieces. I love fashion, style, writing, and art. I also like paying the bills so I work a 9-5 also until my passion becomes my full my time career.


A little over a year ago, I looked into her eyes and I realized that I wanted to be someone that she looked up to and saw as great. I want to be an example of greatness for her to aspire to and to go even higher than me in life. I am a college graduate, have taught private elementary school and preschool, but I never truly took the time to pursue my dreams.


When I say that I want to set an example of pursuing my dreams to my daughter, I mean just that. When she grows up, I want her to know that she can become a pediatrician, master musician, entrepreneur, acrobat, fine artist, professor, and more. When I was a teenager making decisions, I was afraid to pursue my dreams although I knew and others knew that I had talent. I’ve taken the “safe road” long enough. Now, I’m into taking chances while being sensible because I am serious about my responsibility and love.


So….whatever your dreams may be….I challenge you today to make plans to pursue and achieve them. As always….thanks for stopping by and drop a line below 😉


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