Flower me with Love in the city!


Hello πŸ™‚ It’s almost summer time and I love this weather!!! I love wearing shorts, mini skirts n dresses, sundresses, flip flops, tanks and all that summer gear! On this day, I pulled a floral pattern, one shoulder strapped, sundress from my closet. I haven’t worn this dress since I was 2 months pregnant and my daughter is 2 now! Lol. Its a regular size medium or large dress that I bought to wear during my first trimester of pregnancy.


I am loving this dress with the incredible floral pattern going on, its perfect for this season. And I paired it up with a $4 belt from a thrift store. The belt gave me the extra sass to show off my trimming waist, I’m still working on it lol.


And after all that walking…..I was a little tired lol. But I love these Nine West shades from Ross, they helped keep me cool πŸ™‚

Shopping is awesome, I love to shop, especially when I find a great deal! And thrifting is a very creative and stylish experience. However there is nothing like pulling something old out of your closet and wearing it like its new!

As always….thanks for stopping by my bloggie and drop a line below πŸ˜‰

“Winners are losers who tried again.” author unknown


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