Denim x Flower Fields


At work we cannot wear blue denim pants, but we can wear blue denim tops, okay. On this day, I decided to wear a blue denim top, secured by a thin snakeskin print belt, both items are from Target. I paired it up with a gorgeous and bold flower print dress that I wore years ago. The amazing part about this dress is that I couldn’t fit it for some time after pregnancy and birthing but now I can!!!! Woo hoo!!!

I love mixing prints and having fun with my clothes. As Chanel put it “Everyday is a runway and the world is your stage.” I add to that being an artist and say ” My body is a canvas and I paint my own portrait everyday.”

The most exciting part of this outfit is the dress! I couldn’t fit it for years but IĀ  held onto the dress because I love the print! Two years after giving birth, I can fit this dress! All the walking and eating right (sometimes lol) wasn’t for nought! No matter what your weight loss goals are, or any other goals, don’t give up- keep pressing until what you’re working for happens! Perseverance is key in any successful venture in life ( as I’m sharing this with you, I’m lecturing myself about this also).

That’s me, having fun with prints and accessories. šŸ˜‰

As always….thanks for stopping by my bloggie….and hopefully I put a smile on your face this weekend šŸ™‚


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