Be Empowered from the Confidence within


“Everytime you look in a mirror, remember how wise, beautiful, and intelligent that person in the mirror is.”

Every week I’m going through different changes and adventures, from raising my incredibly beautiful and intelligent two year old to everything in my personal life. But no matter what, God is helping me through every area and circumstance. I am also especially grateful for my strong family support system and friends! God placed all these important people in my life and I am forever grateful and blessed to have them. Recently, I went through a difficult, very difficult period in my life and when I was weak, God’s strength was made perfect in me. No matter what comes your way, never forget the love of God, family, and true friends- a true friend will stick closer than a brother!

I say all of this, because these are words that I have spoken to myself in times of pain and realities that have surfaced in my young life. Life isn’t always perfect, but we can work everyday to make the most of it.

Today’s look, is one of empowerment and strength, and it doesn’t come from the clothing, it comes from the confidence of the woman within.

Today’s look: sheer top from ny & co, forest green sweater vest from Old Navy, tan and white GAP pin striped pants from thrifting, a brown and gold tone beaded necklace from H&M a few years ago.

Enjoy your day loves and live everyday. Welcome to “Janets Journee”, and thank you for visiting my “bloggie.” 😉


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