Big Blue and the Lady in Red


Here’s my outfit of the day….delivered “selfie style.” On this day, I just wanted to have fun with colors and prints! I was feeling bold and full of energy!

I paired up my red denim jeans from Old Navy with my sheer floral print top from years ago with an oversized (“big blue”) royal blue cardigan also from Old Navy. To have more fun with the look, I wore my tan and neon detailed Tommy Hilfiger Oxford shoe with the look!

I didn’t pair up many accessories with the look because I felt like the bold prints and vibrant colors spoke loud and clear 😉 When styling an outfit, it isn’t about how much you have, but rather about how much you’re saying. You don’t want to over do it and send mixed messages. And you’ll know if you’re overdoing it….trust your instinct!

I tried something different and I received so many compliments on this outfit….it doesn’t hurt to try something new, just do it boldly and with confidence!

Well….as always, thanks for stopping by my “bloggie”, and drop a line below 🙂


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