These crazy hearts in random blues!


Good morning fellow !stylistas! Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite looks with you!!! It’s simple and inexpensive….and nearly the whole look came from Ross ;-).

Let’s start with the dress, I absolutely love this blue hi lo cut dress! Its so comfortable and I felt like a queen in this gorgeous lay. The pattern is little hearts on the dress. Since I wore this dress to the office and its sleeveless, I have this amazing short sleeve cover up cropped jacket also from Ross! What I love about this cropped jacket is the detail, the details in the buttons reminds me the popular Michael Jackson jacket, but black and cropped.

What’s on my feet? A pair of flower detailed ankle strap flip flop sandals in a denim color. The beautiful heart necklace around my neck is from Fossil a gift 🙂

Thanks for stopping by bloggie loves and have a styletastic day!!!!!

“In the end, God always has the final say!”


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