Cowgirls love stripes!!!!!

Cowgirls love stripes!!!!!.


Cowgirls love stripes!!!!!

“Never let anyone get you down, pursue your dreams and aim higher everyday.”


I have always been curvy, there were times when I was skinny when I was younger, but I’ve always had hips….and then a butt!  For most of my life I was “self concious” or “embarrassed”, because I was the only kid in 5th grade, 7th grade, and even in high school with hips!!!! lol  One of my girlfriends from college couldn’t believe my body when she first met me because I was “bony”, but I had hips for days lol.  As a matter of fact, a good friend of mines from college gave me the nickname “hips” lol, I loved it!  Basically, I didn’t learn how to embrace this God given gift of curves until I became older and I thank God for them!!!!  So ladies and gents, love your body as it is, God made you fearfully and wonderfully!!!!  It is always good to eat healthy and workout, but do not hurt your beauty with eating disorders or cosmetic surgery that isn’t needed.


It’s spring and I’m breaking out the maxi dresses!!!!  I love this one because of  its bold stripes and hues.  It is a short sleeve dress, but for the sake of the office, I dressed it up a bit with a sleek denim blazer.  I love the way this maxi accentuates my curves.  After work, the blazer is off and I’m good to go!!!  I purchased this lovely dress from Ross and the sleek denim blazer is by Ann Taylor, but I purchased it while thrifting a few years ago.

IMG_20130513_085801[1]These terribly painful but stylish boots are from Target, and truth be told, they went back.  I don’t buy clothes to wear and return, but I was highly disappointed in these cute boots because my feet felt as though they were going to fall off by the end of the day!!!! lol…smh….hopefully I can find another pair just as cute but with more comfort 🙂

IMG_20130513_085815[1] To top off the look, I wore my chunky, layered spring ready necklace that I purchased from Ashley Stewart a few years ago on clearance.  Now I”m good to go!

Whatever your style is, own it.  Share your thoughts below on this look, I look forward to your comments.  And as always, have a great day and thanks for stopping by my “bloggie.”

With love,

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