Snakeskin platforms and bow ties!


Goodmorning loves 😉
Recently, I went to an event and wore a bow tie shirt from Burlington Coat Factory with a knit vest from H&M. The “skinny jeans” are from Old Navy and the Snakeskin platform booties are from Target. The earrings are from a Fashion Bug closing sale.

How much did my outfit cost??? $34.31 Awesome!!!! Lol

The vest from H&M was $7
The shirt from Burlington Coat Factory was $10
The earrings from Fashion Bug closing sale were $5
The denim jeans from Old Navy were $2.31….i don’t know how that happened, but I’m grateful!!! I didnt know how much the jeans were until I got to the register WOWSERS!!!
The skakeskin platforms were $10 from Target

This was a last minute ootn for an event the other day….just wanted to share the goods 🙂

N oh yeah….my make up is MAC, Lancome, and Covergirl!- Love them!

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